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    Have you seen your fish inactive for quite a while? Well, if your fish prefers to remain at the bottom with the tank and is not swimming around happily, you need to observe its behavior carefully. It may be a sluggish start cotton mouth disease.

    This disease is a type of fungus which can be whitish and it is formed about the face of the fish, especially about the lips and cheeks. The lips will look swollen and they’ll get rot. You may even notice an additional strip at the end from the lip that can move about the mouth with the fish whenever the fish breaths.

    You can discover other symptoms also. The fish will miss appetite. So although you may offer them food, they’re not going to be eager to catch it. There is The Mystical Japanese Tattoo Symbols behind this. They will not manage to open the mouth easily due to this disease. They will move very slowly along with the water will also get cloudy because of a white fluid coming out from the mouth in the fish frequently.

    If you are unable to take quick action, the entire water is certain to get contaminated soon and the other fish population buy infected. Within a very small amount of time thereafter, fish will die one after one other.

    There is no guaranteed cure for this complaint. There is merely one solution.

    You must be extremely swift along with cruel regarding it. If you see any single fish have contracted this ailment, you must immediately remove it from the aquarium and dispose it well. Many people would rather remain inactive for some time and their business is they just go and talk to the pet fish shop owner regarding the behavior with the fish. If you do not take this strong action, the other fish will likely be infected soon.

    If you feel that this disease has not yet disseminate, that you can do something else. Take some water and add lots of salt in that. Then require a little bit of soft cloth and dip it in that water. You should swipe the mouth from the fish with this particular cloth. Then this fish must be saved in a separate tank. At the same time, put in a solution with Terramycin inside aquarium water. You can immediately spot the difference in the behavior with the other fish population.

    You also can use solution of Methylene Blue for the treatment. It is equally effective. But the main option is – isolate the infected fish as soon as possible and treat the aquarium water.

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