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    Safety box

    The box for security workers will become a cushy room, provide protection from the vagaries from the conditions, and is particularly appropriate for rest and eating. Easy to prepare with video clip surveillance equipment. In addition, the safety pot could be partially changed into a checkpoint.

    Benefits associated with a security alarm compartment

    Freedom. If needed, easily moves on the car platform.

    Comfortable conditions. The insulated pot using a heater can be utilized all year round.

    Sturdiness. Metallic structure with contra–corrosion covering.

    Dimensions. The property are quite ample for organizing an area for rest and work of employees.

    Refueling box

    A compartment satisfying station is actually a service station that was created to refuel cars with liquefied engine gasoline only. The tanks are placed earlier mentioned ground, the energy dispenser is located in the gas storage space box.

    Box-sort service stations are mainly utilized to sell energy each inside the metropolis and outside the town. Compartment-type gasoline stations are not a money development premises, hence they will not require style, construction and land job.

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