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    Although the world has changed in the past, the functions of our human systems are the same. And when it comes to habits, they rule supreme regardless of whether they’re good such as writing and reading, or bad ones like drinking and smoking.

    But it all comes down the Operating System within your brain that is able to be trained, untrained, and trained again. Since you’ve come to this article to learn how to break a bad habit, we will focus on breaking that habit that’s been bothering you. So relax and get started.

    How do habits form

    A habit is a nun’s clothes. It’s a series of actions that your brain performs automatically. It’s not simply a routine, like with all things that happen in the world. It is possible to change your habits by reading a breaking the habit of being yourself the book.

    It actually has three parts that make up an entire habit when you break it down to its smallest parts.

    There are two kinds of habits: conscious and hidden habits. Many of your negative habits are concealed. They are easy to spot by reading this article.

    The research conducted by Charles Duhigg and presented in his book The Power Of Habits shows us that a habit consists of three elements:





    Cue is essentially a trigger that signals to the brain that it’s time to do the routine. Cues could be either external or internal. A cue that is internal depends on your mood as well as your thinking.

    This is the most obvious illustration: You feel stressed and begin biting your nails.

    The brain detects the feeling of anxiety as an internal signal. It then begins the routine of having to bite your nails.


    This is the way we react when in a state of alert or are triggered. In the case above the procedure is to shower and then biting your nails. Our mind does this automatically.

    It is in the basal ganglia that the routine is embedded in our brains. Once the routine is established, it’s hard to forget. That’s why you’re able to drive a bicycle even it’s been sitting on it for more than 30 years.


    This is the emotional/physical/physiological response to the routine which gives us a certain high.

    Rewarding a habit is an incentive and signals to the brain something has been done.

    The method of breaking a bad habit is different from the process of making the new habit. But still, it has just three steps that are mentioned above.

    How to Break Bad Habits

    The three easiest methods to break the habit of doing things hard to do.

    Make the Cue invisible

    It is known that the cue is what triggers the habit. It is impossible to break a habit unless there’s a cue. So one of the steps to break an habit is to disguise the cue. The majority of the time our habits make are simple to do and are activated by simple cues.

    Routines can be difficult

    In the case above in which we wish to break down the routine of watching TV for hours and hours after we arrive home, it is impossible to remove the signal. We make the routine more challenging.

    Don’t be content with the outcome

    Two functions are the basis of rewards. The first is to satisfy a desire. The second is to help us learn. This is normal when you consider habits. It’s common and normal to receive a reward for performing a specific routine.

    Learn More are like computer programs. If we code them in the right manner we can cause them to change. Bad habits are just bad code that got inside our heads even though we weren’t looking. There is a way around them.

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