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    You can find great, usable ski equipment at all types of sporting outlets these days, which is great for those that like to take their equipment everywhere they go. But one thing that you should definitely skimp on, is a good pair of ski gloves. Cold, wet hands will affect your ability to do your skiing properly and will quickly degrade your enjoyment of the sport. It’s important that you invest in a quality set of gloves that are designed with the specific purpose of keeping your hands warm and dry while you’re out on the slopes.

    There are two types of glove on the market today – full fingered gloves, designed to be worn as a regular glove, or fingerless ski gloves, which are specifically designed to be worn beneath a ski helmet. Many experienced skiers prefer the former, because they can easily put their ski boots on and simply put their hands in front of the helmet for full insulation. Those who don’t wear gloves while skiing will tell you, however, that having your hands free and open to the cold, damp air outside your ski helmet is not only inconvenient, it’s downright dangerous. The reason that skiing is so dangerous is that it exposes your fingers and palms to the elements, where they can easily become cold, dry and injured. Gloves for skiers help keep your hands warm and dry, even while you’re outside wearing only a ski hat and snow pants.


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    Another important accessory for those of you who like to take your skis wherever you like is mittens. Ski mittens are designed differently than regular mittens, in order to provide maximum warmth and protection. Most ski mittens have an interior liner that keeps the insides of the mittens dry and warm, while still allowing the freedom of movement that’s necessary when you’re skiing and don’t want your hands to become cold and exposed to the elements. While most testers find that ski mittens are a lot more comfortable than the other types of mittens available, some testers do find that the comfort level changes depending on how you use your ski mittens.

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