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    White-colored kraft paper

    Often used to make white-colored kraft paper bags or some other vibrant kraft paper luggage when dyed, focusing on keeping luxurious and elegant merchandise in clothing and plastic merchants, …

    Employed to retail store free of moisture food for examplenuts and bread, cereals

    Brown kraft paper

    Brownish kraft paper is used more extensively thanks to its friendly hues and fewer messy, for example:

    Used to develop all kinds of packing likebags and envelopes, covering paper, liner, …

    High-quality, thicker paper is used to create brand cards, clothes tag.

    Some varieties are employed as envelopes, submit covers, etc.

    Recycle into all sorts of institution paper, paper for cartons, …

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    We have been the tackle focusing on the production and supply of substantial-quality PP and paper products imported through the US, Russia and Japan Finland… exceeding several years of expertise inside the wholesale organization. promoting Kraft paper items accustomed to make cement luggage, couche, duplex, ivory paper.

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