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    Chapter 3

    I woke up Monday morning in an intense state of arousal. I couldn’t believe what had transpired the day before, and especially the conversation Jenny and I had about sex. Was she actually going to have sex with me? I guess, after the episode with the tanning oil, I didn’t need to wonder too much, but it all seemed like something out of a dream, as if it had never really happened. All I could think about was Jenny and Colette and the prospect of finally, after all these years, losing my virginity.

    I looked at the clock. 6AM. The rising sun must have waked me up, the blinds on my eastern-facing window weren’t closed. I figured the best way to get this stuff out of my head would be to go out for a good, long run, something I hadn’t done since I’d arrived. I put on my shorts and a T-shirt and a pair of old running shoes, did my business in the (thankfully unoccupied) bathroom, and headed down the stairs and out the door.

    The run was good, the morning air was cool on my skin, contrasting with the rest of the world around me which was quickly heating up from the blazing morning sunshine. I got a chance to see the town which I’d only glimpsed on the drive in from the airport. I’m not sure how far I ran, but stayed out for the better part of 2 hours, sometimes running, sometimes jogging, finally walking for a bit to cool down and gather my thoughts.

    It really was o.k., I decided, to get into a romantic relationship with Jen or Colette. Trouble was, I seem to have found myself in the awkward position of getting romantic with both of them. What would they think about that? Would Colette get jealous of Jennifer if I had sex with her? Or would she just be happy that Jen and I were getting close? Would Jennifer get upset if I still held romantic feelings for Colette? I hadn’t really done anything with Colette, a single kiss, and it seemed pretty innocent at the time. We’d made an agreement, almost a joke, really, to get married if we were both single in 6 more years, but I didn’t really take that seriously. I was pretty sure Colette was serious when she said it, though.

    I felt like I had to decide. I was pretty sure neither of them had the idea that I’d be “dating” both of them, simply that it would be o.k. if I was involved with one or the other. I guess that decision was already made for me on Sunday when I started getting amorous with Jen.

    I walked into the house and both Jen and Colette were sitting at the kitchen table, sharing coffee and breakfast.

    “Mark!” Colette said, surprised, “I though you were still up in your room sleeping.”

    “Good morning to you, too, sis.” I grinned, “I woke up with the sun this morning and though I’d take a run. Sure is nice out there early in the morning.”

    “Want to sit with us and eat something?”

    “No thanks, I’m going to get in the shower. I don’t think you really want me close to you after that long run.”

    Jen and Colette laughed a little and went back to their breakfast. I went up the stairs and hit the shower.

    My shower was uneventful. Funny how I’d started cataloguing everything in my head since I’d arrived: caf or decaf? If I managed to complete an activity without anything really weird happening, like Jen walking through the hall naked or Colette kissing me, or both of them trying to pull down my shorts, that was decaf – normal. Otherwise, it was exciting, naked available women – Caffeinated. My shower, amazingly enough, was definitely decaf.

    When I got down the stairs in a t-shirt and shorts, Colette was already on her way to the door to go to work.

    “Oh, Mark, come here for a sec,” Colette called. I walked over toward the door. Colette looked very professional in a plain, grey skirt and dark tan blouse, her amber-red hair tied up behind her head in a bun along with her oval glasses all came together in a package and screamed “professor” to anyone who cared to notice. No, I take that back, it screamed “HOT professor” to anyone who noticed, and I was certain a lot of students would.

    “I just wanted to say goodbye before I went out for the day,” She said, then leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I hugged her back, thinking it was kind of strange for her to hug me just because she was going to work. I vaguely notice that she was holding me awful tight, her chest pressed into mine. What wasn’t vague at all were the warm, wet lips laying kisses up the side of my neck until they reached my ear. I didn’t (maybe couldn’t?) try to pull back, I relished the feeling of her warm breath in my ear and her tongue tracing the edge of my earlobe. “Have a great day.” She whispered hotly into my ear, then pulled her head back and put her lips to my mouth. Her moist lips on mine, a slight drag of her tongue across my upper lip, then she let me go and looked into my eyes. “See you later.”

    I was too stunned to respond as she gave me that elven smile, then turned and walked out the door. Caffeinated.

    I walked in a daze toward the kitchen and found Jen still sitting at the table, looking through a magazine and drinking coffee. I poured my own cup and sat across from her.

    “So…” I started, dying to know if she and Colette had talked about our plan from the day before, “how are you?” I asked, having trouble thinking of any way to start the conversation.

    Jen looked up at me, pausing for a few seconds, then smiling, “You might want to wipe that lipstick off your neck and mouth.” She laughed.

    I was embarrassed. It occurred to me how strange this was. If Jen was interested in me, wouldn’t she be upset that Colette had just painted me over with kisses? “Ah, sorry about that,” I said, grabbing a napkin and trying to wipe it away.

    “You missed a spot,” she said, pointing to her upper lip. I wiped it with the napkin, then took a drink of my coffee.

    “You look a little flushed,” she grinned, “are you feeling o.k.?”

    “Uh, yeah, fine.” I tried to change the subject, “What are you reading?”

    “Oh, just the latest bullshit theories on global warming,” she said, “the guys who write this stuff should really do their homework before they start spouting nonsense to the media. You’ve still got a bit on your neck, come over here, let me get it off.”

    I had no idea how to respond to the global warming comment. I didn’t know anything about it, so I just stood up and walked over to the other side of the table with my cup of coffee.

    “Sit down…” I sat. “Turn your head to the right a little bit…” I looked over my right shoulder and noticed the mid-morning sunlight gleaming off the crystalline water in the pool. Jen wet her napkin with spit and wiped at my neck for a second, it was very maternal, but then again, my sisters had always acted pretty maternal toward me, so I didn’t think much of it. She finished my neck and pulled my chin forward with her hand.

    “So how’d you get lipstick all over you?” She asked, an amused look on her elfish face, “did you get clobbered with a make-up kit?”

    “I think you know exactly how I got lipstick on me,” I smirked back, “why are you asking me questions you already know the answers to?”

    Jen just looked at me, not speaking.

    “What?” I asked, exasperated, “What do you want me to say?”

    The same stone faced look.

    “It wasn’t my fault,” I broke. I spilled everything. “Colette asked me to come to the door and say goodbye to her when she was leaving for work, I had no idea that she was going to…” I broke off in mid sentence as Jen burst into laughter. “What?”

    “Marky, you were always too easy.” She put her hand on my shoulder, “After everything that’s gone on here in the last 2 days, do you really think I’m going to bust your chops because Colette attacked you with her lips in the hallway?”

    I thought I’d been confused before now. No, this was confusion. “Jen, I thought…” She put a finger to my lips, not letting me finish.

    “Forget about it,” she laughed, “I was just teasing you.”

    “Boy, you must really be enjoying all of this,” I said, “between you and Colette, I don’t have a clue what’s going on anymore.”

    “Alright, I’ll come clean.” She said, her giggles dying down a bit. I loved to hear her laugh, it was like sweet music. After the last few days, she could have killed my cat (if I’d had one) and I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. As she was talking, I had trouble tracking the words, I was just mesmerized by the beauty of her face. Her dark brown hair falling to her shoulders in thick locks; her bright, green eyes, filled with laughter; her lightly tanned skin, hardly a wrinkle to be found anywhere. Her cute little nose, her high cheekbones, but most of all her mouth. Those broad, pink lips and pearly white teeth behind them. She had a few freckles from spending so much time out in the sun. I thought how cute it was that she had one just in the cleft of her upper lip. I watched her mouth as she spoke to me and was lost in it’s beauty. Definitely caffeinated, and we hadn’t kissed or got naked or anything. Just being with Jen and hearing her creamy smooth voice was intoxicating. I came back to earth a little…

    “… so I thought when we got back from the restaurant we could either catch a movie or come back here and sit in the hot tub? Why are you staring at my mouth?” Oops. Caught.

    “Uh…” Can’t speak, too stupid. “I was just thinking…”

    Jen cocked her head, “Thinking about what? I’ve been talking but I don’t think you’ve been listening.”

    I was thinking too slowly to make something up. “I was thinking you have the sweetest voice, and how pretty your mouth is when you’re happy.”

    I must have done something wrong. That stopped her cold. “Oh my gosh, Mark, were you really?”

    “I was just thinking how lovely you are. Your eyes, your face, your voice, your laugh.” I could see the look on Jen’s face changing, moisture building up around her eyes, a more serious look on her face. “I guess I’m a little stricken after yesterday. I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.”

    A tear escaping from her left eye, “No, not at all.” She whispered. “It’s just that’s about the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me.”

    I was suddenly a little bit embarrased. I’m not really Mr. Romance or anything, I just couldn’t think of anything witty to say, so I just said what I was thinking. I guess it must have been the right thing to say. Jen leaned forward and hugged me tightly. But it was different from other hugs I’d had from her in the last few days. Caffeinated? I guess so. But it was more than that, and less. It was different. I didn’t feel movement in my groin or butterflies in my stomach, my head wasn’t spinning anymore. This wasn’t Jen the hot looking girl, this was Jen, my sister, my friend. It was at once more meaningful and less arousing that anything I’d done with her since I arrived into town. I was no longer thinking about whether we’d have sex that night. I was thinking how very much I loved this woman before me.

    After a moment, we slowly pulled apart and she looked me in the eyes, not sobbing or anything like that, but gentle tears still falling down her perfect flushed red cheeks. “Mark,” she said, laughing a little and wiping her face with the back of her hand, “So help me, God, if what you just said to me was a line you will live to regret it!”

    I just laughed quietly, “But Jen, you know it’s true, you know how I feel about you. Besides, I’ve never been terribly good at pick-up lines, and after yesterday, I’m not sure I need them anyway!”

    “Damn straight, you don’t need them.” Jen said. “Okay, so now that I’ve gathered my wits again, what do you say about my plans for today?”

    “Plans?” I asked, I’d missed half of what she said and already forgotten the rest.

    “Mark! You are supposed to listen when I talk to you! I said I wanted to go for a walk with you up to the park and maybe hike along one of the nature trails, then we could go for a late lunch to a new restaurant in town, and maybe afterward catch a movie or come back and sit in the hot tub. Don’t you remember any of that?”

    “Yeah,” I said, ignoring the question, “That sounds great!”

    “You dork!” She said, and punched me hard in the shoulder.

    It was a great day. Jennifer went up to her room and changed into a light and flowery summer dress which came all the way down to her ankles, she looked sweet and innocent, but I knew better. We left the house and walked about a mile or so to the park up on the hill near the water tower. We laid down in the grass next to each other and Jenny put her head in the crook of my arm as we watched the trees above us sway in the wind. We talked and caught up about everything that had happened in our lives in the last several months. She told me all over again the story about how she met Tammy, and added in some choice tidbits about what it was like to kiss another girl for the first time. As she talked I relished the feeling of having her next to me, her hand on my chest, a brief kiss here and there. I’m not much of a romantic, but it was a very sweet afternoon, and I hoped it would never end.

    I told her all about how much I couldn’t wait to get away from home and go to college and meet new people and take classes I actually liked and get away from the small-town gossip chain. I told her about where my friends had gone off to for the summer and how I wished I could have gone on a trip with them to Florida, but our parents wouldn’t help me pay for it. We laughed about old times and generally just enjoyed each other’s company.

    After an hour or so, we decided to take a walk along a nature trail. Arm-in-arm we walked along the path, spotting squirrels and birds and bees and anything else that caught our eyes. I was like spending the best day of your life with your best friend. Everything was perfect, and I was completely in love with Jennifer, everything she said, every way she moved, was pleasing.

    We ate lunch at a strange little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in downtown Ellensburg and she showed me all the, well, not so impressive little stores all over town. There wasn’t anything interesting playing at the movie theatre, so we walked back to the house instead. It was a perfect summer day, and with Jen next to me, the grass seemed all the greener.

    Around 3PM we arrived back at the house, grateful to get into the air-conditioning. We both had beads of sweat on our foreheads from the late afternoon heat, but even sweaty, Jenny looked a picture of perfection to me. It may have been that, in falling in love with her, I just couldn’t see her as anything but gorgeous. I prefer to think that she’s just lovely all the time, though!

    Closing the door behind us, I turned right into Jen standing before me. She pulled my head to her and kissed me in the doorway, pressing her lips into mine. I could feel the butterflies waking up in my gut again. My hands went around her sides, stroking her hips through the thin cotton dress, then drifting to the small of her back. Feeling her touch on my head and shoulders and my arms wrapped around her sent electric shocks through my body, waking up the desires I’d been barely holding back all day long.

    Jen backed off after a few moments, her deep brown eyes staring into my own. Nothing needed to be said, we just shared a quiet moment. As before, we ended up smiling at each other, then laughing. Not nervous, just casual, comfortable laughter. It had been such a wonderful day and I felt so close to Jenny.

    “I’m going upstairs to take a quick shower,” Jenny said, “I need to cool off a bit and get out of these dirty clothes.”

    “O.k.” I said, just looking at her, thinking she was the picture of beauty. Jen started down the hallway and up the stairs, then stopped and turned back toward me. I was still standing in the hallway in a dreamy haze.

    “Want to join me?” She offered simply, as if she were asking me if I wanted to go to the mall or something.

    I didn’t respond, I just walked over to her and followed her shapely form up the stairs. We walked through my bedroom and into the bathroom, not bothering to shut the doors behind us since we were the only ones home, and would be for a few hours yet.

    xnxxbangbros The bathroom had an extra large tub with a shower and a lacy white shower curtain. Jen turned on the fan and light, then went to the shower and adjusted the water. I took two clean towels out of the cupboard and placed them on the counter across from the shower, then turned and started taking off my shoes and socks. Jen kicked her sandals to the far end of the bathroom and turned her back to me.

    “Untie me?” She asked.

    I quietly reached out and moved the hair away from the back of her neck, then untied the strings at her neck and around her waist that held the dress on her. Jen turned toward me, then slipped out of the dress, revealing her lithe body, flushed from the heat of our walk, left in nothing but a pair of flowered, white panties. Her perky small breasts held my attention, they had the most wonderfully large nipples, which were now erect and proudly pointing at me. Jen smiled.

    “Are you going to get undressed, or just stare at me for a while?”

    “That’s a good question,” I laughed, “I could stare at you for a very long time!”

    Jen reached her hands to the hem of my shirt and lifted it up and over my head, then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. I just stood there letting her undress me, watching her move, noticing the way her breasts became more prominent when her hands came together to undo my shorts. I was not embarrased about being naked with her this time, I was just completely amazed that I had this gorgeous, loving woman who actually wanted to be with me. As she undid my shorts, the feeling of her hands pressing against the hardness of my erection was nothing short of spectacular. She left my boxer’s on, presumably for me to remove on my own, then stepped toward the shower.

    Stepping back from me, she pulled her panties off, letting them fall to the floor, then stepped into the shower. I had to admit at this point I was a little nervous, never having been this intimate with a girl before, I felt a bit shy and just stood there for a moment. Finally, Jen poked her head out of the shower and looked at me.

    “Come on, Mark, the water feels great.”

    “Yeah, coming.” I said, in a daze, but still not moving. Out by the pool the other day it didn’t seem like such a big deal, I was rubbing lotion on Jen and one thing just led to another. But this was more direct, we were undressing and getting into a shower together. We’d talked about having sex. Was this the time? Was she planning to have sex with me? I was petrified all of a sudden. What if I didn’t do it right? What if I didn’t have a clue what to do at all?

    “Mark, why are you still standing there?” Jen asked, still looking out at me from the shower, “Are you o.k.?”

    “Yeah, I just…”

    “Mark, I understand if you don’t want to go ahead with this. It’s o.k.”

    “No, it’s not that,” I said, feeling really stupid, “It’s just that I, well, I’ve never…”

    “Never what, never showered before?” Jen laughed.

    “No, I’ve never done… this before, you know…” I stammered, looking for the words to say.

    Jen giggled, “You are so cute. Are you worried you won’t know what to do?”

    “Well…” I was getting embarrassed now. I felt a bit flushed. It’s just Jen, I told myself, you can tell her. “well… yes, actually, I’m afraid I won’t know what to do and you’ll be dissapointed in me.” There, I said it.

    “Mark,” Jen said apologetically, “I won’t be disappointed in you no matter what. And I’ll help you, don’t worry, this sort of thing comes rather natural. Come here, let me help you.”

    Jen stepped out of the shower, dripping wet. I took a step toward her to see what she had in mind. Jenny reached up behind my head and pulled me toward her, then gave me a very wet, very sensual kiss. As she did, I felt one of her hands reaching toward the eleastic on my boxers, and gently start tracing the material around my waist with her fingers hooked just inside, brushing past my pubic hair. “Let me help you with these,” she said, then reached both cool, wet hands into the sides of my boxers and pulled them down, stroking her hands down the sides of my hips and thighs as she went. Then she took my hands and led me into the cool water of the shower, closing the curtain after I had stepped in.

    “Now, we’re going to things really slow, so don’t worry. Let’s just concentrate on getting cooled off and cleaned up for the moment, then we’ll see where that takes us.” Jen said, standing in the stream of water coming from the shower-head. The water hit the back of her neck and was running over her shoulders and down her back. When she finished speaking, I looked down and could see the water streaming around her large, erect nipples, and felt my body responding to the sight. Jen closed her eyes and bent her head back, letting the water soak her long hair, then traded me places so I could get wet as well. The cool water did nothing to reduce my arousal, so much for the cold shower theory.

    Jen grabbed a bottle of shampoo and handed it to me, “Will you wash my hair?” she asked.

    “Sure.” Was all I said as I took the bottle from her and put a small amount into the palm of my hand.

    “You’re going to need more than that!” She laughed, “I’ve got a lot more hair than you do!”

    I smiled back, “I guess I’ve never had to use more than a teaspoon, myself.” I dumped a bunch more into my hand, then reached forward and began lathering it into her hair and scalp. Jen stepped forward into me and put her arms around me, her head up against my chest. I realized she had picked up a bar of soap and was now washing my back, but what I noticed even more was how my cock was pressed firmly between us. Jen didn’t seem to have any reservations about it. As I continued massaging the shampoo into her hair, she worked the soap all over my back, then surprised me as her hands drifted lower and started lathering soap all over my bottom. No one had ever done this sort of thing to me before, and I was a little unsure about it, would she really want to be putting her hands all over my butt?

    I’d finished lathering up her hair and told her so. “That’s done.” I said, “what’s next?”

    “Haven’t you ever taken a shower before?” She asked, giggling, “Just do what you’d always do, wash, rinse, etc., but do it to me instead of yourself, and I’ll wash you in turn.”

    Sounded like a reasonable idea. I started to relax as she began rubbing soap all over my body, from my back she moved to my chest and arms, even under my arms, then she drifted lower again. I took my cue from her and started doing the same to her, like a kid in a candy store as I got to stroke my hands over her bare back, down to her bottom, and back up again around her hips and thighs. I wasn’t yet bold enough to place my hands on her chest, but I massaged the soap into her washboard stomach. I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, when she started lathering soap over my hips and then around my thighs. She seemed to be careful not to touch my erect penis, so I figured maybe she wasn’t ready for that. Was I ready for that?

    Every touch made my skin tingle with excitement, and I realized she was not avoiding my crotch, just taking her time getting there. I let my hands fall to my sides as she squatted down in front of me and slowly rubbed the soap around my thighs, down each leg, then ran her hands back up my inner thigh. I watched her as she covered me in suds and was turned on by the sight of her head so close to my raging, erect cock. When she got back to the top of my legs, I took a quick breath as I felt her hands envelop my balls and rub soap all around them before reaching even further underneath and between my legs, one hand holding my balls while the other slithered back up the crack of my ass and in between the cheeks.

    “What… what are you doing?” I asked, a bit shocked that her hands were in my butt. I never in a million years would have guessed that this was something anyone wanted to do.

    “Don’t you like it?” She asked, “Doesn’t it feel good?”

    “Well, ahhh…” I was struggling between the truth, it felt terrific, and my inhibitions, which said that was a dirty place that you just didn’t stick your hands, especially on someone else.

    “Admit it, Marc, it feels good, doesn’t it?” She asked as she started stroking back and forth over my anus with her hand while the other was massaging my balls.

    “Yes.” Was all I could muster, my head was spinning. It felt so good, in fact that I was afraid I was going to cum right then and there and get it all over her. But she slowly moved her hands back up, rinsing them again in the water and gathering more lather, she stood again and rubbed the creamy soap into my chest and stomach, finally spending a moment massaging it into my cock. I sucked in my breath when she started this and was certain I was going to lose it, but she stopped almost as quickly as she started, put her arms around me and gave me a lusty kiss on the mouth.

    “Okay, now you finish washing me,” she said, “I don’t want to spend our entire time in the shower, I’ve got other plans for you. And you don’t have to be shy, go ahead and touch me, Marcus, that’s what we’re here for!”

    “Okay,” I said, “I just wasn’t certain about…” She grabbed my hand and placed it over her breast.

    “Whether you could touch me here?” She asked, a sly smile on her face. The then pulled the hand down and buried it into her crotch, “Or whether you could touch me here?”

    It had finally happened, I’d wanted to touch her for so long and now I was really doing it. All I said was “Yeah, I guess that was what I was wondering.”

    She moved my hand up and down a bit in her crotch as I turned my palm to feel her full lips and the sexy strip of dark hair above her vagina. “Well, I guess you have your answer, silly!” She said.

    I was still a bit shy about it, but went ahead and washed her whole body, soaping up her arms and back again, then running my hands back and forth slowly across her breasts, cupping them in my hands and lighty playing with her large nipples using my fingertips. She was wonderful, she just smiled and laughed, and from time to time helped guide me as I explored her body for the first time, finally able to touch and feel and see everything I ever wanted.

    When we were both fully soaped, we rinsed off under the water, then stepped out of the shower. I grabbed both towels and handed her one. “That was really nice.” I said, we should do that again sometime.

    “You talk like it’s over.” She responded with a wink, “We’ve hardly even started!”

    I just smiled back, thinking that I was in for a real treat, and most likely my very first time having real sex. I was both excited and a little frightened. I’d seen people having sex in R-rated movies before, but movies never showed very much, and I really didn’t have much idea what to expect. It occurred to me that I must have been leading a really sheltered life.

    We dried off and Jen led me into her room just wrapped in towels, leaving our clothes lying on the floor. Jen’s room was spotless and pleasant and smelled of the flowery perfume she sometimes wore. Her bed was a queen, and was made up nicely, with light streaming through the windows looking out onto the trees. She had me sit on the bed and sat next to me, then took my hand in hers.

    “I know you’ve never done this before, so I want to make it really nice for you,” She said, “I want to do this for you right now, and I don’t want you to worry about anything. You can touch me any way you’d like, and I’ll show you some ways to have a lot of fun. You can ask me anything you like along the way, don’t be embarrased.”

    “O.k.,” I said, wondering what she had in mind exactly.

    “O.k., I’ll take the lead, just tell me if you don’t like something or if you have any questions.” Jen took my head in her hand and pulled me close to kiss her. I let myself go and kissed her back, sliding our tongues back and forth, licking each other’s lips and finally, Jen took my tongue in her mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds, something no one had ever done, but it felt wonderful. She got up and had me stand as well, then folded the comforter and top sheet back over the bed, then had me lie down on my back with my head on the pillows. Jen got onto the bed and sat up on her knees, then dropped the towel from around her body, exposing her smooth tan skin and tight, athletic figure.

    Jenny leaned over me, letting her long, wet hair fall over my chest and face as she stroked my chest with her hand and kissed my lips again. I closed my eyes as I felt her warm, wet saliva wet my lips, then move down to my chin and neck. Electric shocks fairly flew up my spine as she sucked and licked down my neck and chest, sucking and biting my nipples on the way down. I reached a hand up and stroked her hair and her back as she continued on her way, laying warm, wet kisses down my cool skin from neck to stomach, finally reaching the hem of the towel still wrapped around my waist. She pulled it off, and I lifted my bottom slightly to help her get the towel out from under me. Now I could see her whole body before me, on her knees with her toned, smooth bottom facing me as she laid moist kisses down my stomach and into my pubic hair. I reached out a hand and felt the smooth curve of her hips and ass, allowing myself the liberty of brushing my fingers down along her thighs, then back up again, gently brushing past the still moist hair between her legs.

    “Mmmmm…” Jen moaned as I felt her begin kissing all around my inner thighs, into the crease between my balls and thigh, then finally taking my balls into her mouth, completely, one at a time. I felt her breath on my testicles and a rush of pleasure filled my senses. She hadn’t even touched my penis yet, but I looked and saw a drop of liquid slowly ooze out of the tip and start running down one side. Jen continued licking down my balls and back up, then finally to the base of my cock, turning her body so she could look at me as she wrapped her tongue around the stem and slowly moved her mouth up to the tip.

    “Mmmmm, tasty!” She smiled as she took the head of my cock into her mouth and massaged her tongue back and forth over the hole at the tip.

    “Jen… I… I think…” I couldn’t talk I was completely lost in what she was doing to me, but I’d been so aroused for so long I was certain I couldn’t hold back any longer…

    “You’re going to cum?” She asked nonchalantly as she sunk her mouth back over the top.

    “Yes.” I managed to blurt out, involuntarily pushing my hips up to get myself deeper into her mouth.

    “It’s o.k.” she said, between mouthfuls, “I expected… that you’d cum… pretty quick… the first time.” And with that she thrust her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock, swirling her tongue around and, to my shocked surprise, I felt a moist finger slide down below my balls and firmly over my anus. I groaned as I completely lost control and began cumming with my cock buried all the way to the back of Jen’s mouth. I was certain she was going to gag or something, but she simply backed off slightly and caught all of it in her mouth. She stroked a thumb and forefinger up and down the length of my penis while holding the tip in her mouth until the throbbing had subsided and she was sure it was over. I could hardly believe it, but at that point, I could hardly stand to still have her mouth over me, it tickled like crazy!

    Jen slipped her mouth off of my cock and grabbed a piece of kleenex, chastely spitting the cum into the tissue and throwing it into the trash can. I’d heard jokes about women swallowing and that sort of thing, but it never occurred to me anyone would actually want to do that, I didn’t mind at all.

    “Haven’t quite got to the point where I would want to swallow that stuff yet!” Jen said, smiling, a bit of cum still dribbling down the side of her mouth.

    “I’m sorry,” I said, “I really didn’t think it would happen that fast.”

    “Sorry about what?” Jen asked, I knew it was going to be quick, that’s why I went down on you the first time. The second time won’t be nearly as fast, though, so now we have some extra time to play.”

    “You mean we’re not done?” I asked, incredulous.

    “Of course not, silly, that was just… the appetizer!” Jen smiled and then leaned over me again to kiss me. I was a little hesitant at first, considering she had just had a mouthful of cum, but I figured it was mine, and if she could deal with it in her mouth, I certainly shouldn’t complain, so I kissed her right back, tongue and all.

    “That was fantastic, Jen!” I said, as she lay down next to me and begain stroking my stomach. No one’s ever done something like that for me before.

    “There’s a lot more before we’re done,” She said, “What do you want to do first?”

    I didn’t answer her, I simply leaned over and took a breast in my hand, then put my mouth to hers, kissing all over her mouth, down her neck and finally to her chest. At long last finally enjoying the feel and texture of Jennifer’s nipples on my tongue, licking and sucking, and getting aroused again very, very quickly. I kissed each one, feeling them in my hands before moving my hands lower, tracing the contours of Jen’s stomach, the dimple of her navel, finally to the patch of neatly shaved public hair above her lips. I stroked gently over her lips with my hand, tracing each bump and curve with my fingers, pressing my palm over her entire vagina. It was very warm and the moisture wet the palm of my hand.

    I pressed a finger in between the lips and felt the slippery smooth skin, running my finger up and down, exploring every part of her.

    “It’s o.k.,” She whispered, “you can put your finger into me.” She reached down and guided my hand, rubbing my fingers firmly up and down the length between her lips and then guiding a finger lower and inside the hole at the bottom. Warm and wet and wonderful, was all I could think. I couldn’t wait to see what it would feel like to have myself inside her for the first time, to have my cock surrounded by all that warm, wet flesh.

    “We can do this for a while, or, if you want, you could use your mouth.” Jen smiled.

    I laughed nervously, “Are you sure? I’ve never done anything like that before.”

    “Only if you want to, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

    “I’ll try anything once,” I said, suddenly eager to find out what it was like. I leaned forward to put my head where my hand was and kissed her stomach, moving my mouth down further and further, feeling the skin and pubic hair still moist from our shower with my tongue and my lips. I timidly moved just a little lower and let my tongue glide over the outside of her lips, tasting her for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I couldn’t imagine it would taste terrific, considering where it was. But I found that, perhaps because we had both just showered, it hardly had any taste at all, and was actually quite pleasant. The thing that was more surprising to me was how Jenny reacted.

    When my tongue first touched her lips, I heard her catch her breath, then moan slightly, which only encouraged me. I let my finger move up and down between her lips just below my tongue and continued just running them both back and forth. Jen’s hips rose up slightly from the bed and I felt one of her hands on my head, gently guiding me.

    “Find the little nub at the top of the slit,” She said, “and make little circles around it with your tongue.”

    I did as I was instructed, moving my tongue to the top of her slit. It took a few seconds for me to figure out what she was talking about, but I finally found the ‘nub’ and ran my tongue all around it. Jennifer’s hand pressed my head slightly harder into her crotch and I started to feel a bit cramped.

    “Jen, I can’t do it like this, why don’t I move over and lie down between your legs?” I asked.

    “I have a better idea,” Jen said, “Why don’t you lie down on your back again?”

    Again, I followed instructions, and was a bit surprised when Jennifer got up, turned around, and straddled my head with her legs so that I was looking directly up at her smooth ass.

    “That should be a little easier,” She said, “And you can prop your head up on the pillows if you need to.” She was right, and I did, then I went to work licking her lips, finding the nub again with my tongue and making circles, while my hands alternately stroked her ass and explored all the wonders of her vagina. What made it even better was that I felt Jen’s lips on my cock again, slowly moving up and down while her hands worked their magic on my balls.

    Jen lifted her mouth off my cock for a second, “Go ahead and kiss it just like you’re kissing my mouth,” She said, then dropped her mouth all the way to the base of my cock again, sending electric tingles up my spine. I wrapped my hands around her hips and ass and brought my mouth back up to her lips, spreading my mouth completely over her and licking each and every inch of her with my tongue. Jen was increasing her rhythm up and down on my cock as she started pressing her hips more firmly into me, moving herself back and forth while I stroked her with my mouth and tongue. Jen started moaning and I knew she was about to have an orgasm, but had no idea what that might entail. Then she stopped and got up.

    Jen turned herself around and straddled me, then took my hard cock in her hand and guided it into her vagina. Slowly dropping herself onto me. I could barely contain the pleasure and felt like screaming “Yes, Yes, Yes!” for all the world to hear. Jen leaned forward and started moving forward and back, sending waves of pleasure running through my body. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it all felt. She kissed me forcefully, jamming her tongue into my mouth and pressing her lips to mine, not stopping. She kept moving back and forth, over and over, and I could feel the pressure building up in me as well. Faster, faster she started pumping her hips up and down on me. I reached my hands, which had been on her back and chest and grabbed her hips and helped guide her as she thurst herself onto me, her mouth still planted on mine and her tongue racing around my mouth. Then it seemed to happen all at once. I thrust her hips down onto me and grunted into her mouth, losing it again, I could feel the semen flowing out the end of my cock with pleasure beyond that I’d ever felt. A split second later, as I was still cumming, Jen tightened her vaginal muscles (I didn’t even know girls could do that!!!) and moaned into my mouth before breaking the kiss and vocalizing loudly as she continued thrusting herself back and forth onto my throbbing cock.

    She fell onto my chest, and all at once it was over. I was still inside her, and Jen was kissing my neck as she lay on top of me, my hands stroking her ass and the small of her back, where I could feel beads of sweat. So much for the shower, I laughed to myself.

    We lay there just being together for a long time, then Jen rolled over to my side and pulled the covers up over us. I turned toward her and she turned toward me, and we lay there not speaking, just stroking one another’s bodies until we finally fell asleep in each others arms. Caffeinated, definitely caffeinated.

    NOTE: The fire, ice, and lighting story I mentioned before. I was thinking of it involving the X-Men. Should I or Should I not

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