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    Freezers are widely used in industrial and domestic conditions. No contemporary home or food store are capable of doing without. The services lifetime of the refrigeration system depends on the compressor. It executes by far the most important functions – it pumps and compresses freon vapors to the condenser, increases the stress and heat from the freon.

    When it comes time to swap a compressor, there are several information to take into consideration. This is not only power, but also the reliability of the unit. We must remember that you have several types of compressors. And this includes are piston, spiral and screw. They have got diverse technical , characteristics and configurationmost of all, style.

    The most prevalent are reciprocating compressors. They include a small grouping of pistons (there can be around 12 of these). During compressor procedure, pistons compress the freon and market its circulation. The working substance of these a model is refrigerant vapour. Please be aware that this total list of reciprocating compressors could be various – this will depend about the specifics of your technology. The power of this sort of device is dependent upon the volume of pistons.

    Screw compressors are seen as a a helical surface. These kinds of units operate due to special screw rotors. It can be they who carry out the main project – the compression and circulation of freon. Unlike reciprocating compressors, screw compressors have a high cool capability. This is why they may be commonly used in manufacturing air and refrigerators conditioning solutions. The final setup of the attach compressor is determined by the attributes from the refrigeration equipment. These units are super easy to use as they do not demand valves.

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